“Green Grass”, by Garduno, Haubs & Jackson

I wanted to start collecting zines, underground comics and so on to start reviewing. Also, to create a good little collection for myself. I’ve always collected comics, but honestly current comics kind of suck. So why not get a hold of all the independent comics & zines put out by artists?

This specific zine is created by Travis Jackson, Tom Haubs & Ken Garduno. It’s around 5.5″ x 7″ and it has roughly 30 b&w drawings on the inside. The cover is nice and sturdy, sturdy enough that it survived the punishment of being shipped. It’s also signed on the inside cover, letting you know what # you have. I think the styles of the three artists fit very well, you can tell page after page that this zine flows quite well. It succeeds in making me really want to own some original art by these artists.

It’s hard to pick which artist I like the best, like I said the three flow together very well. Ken Garduno has this elegant, sweeping way of drawing figures. His work looks timeless, like it’s influenced by artists from many generations, but in now way dated. The drawings of Tom Haubs have this eerie, ghostly quality to them. A lot of contrast, ink splatters, sunken eyes help to create a very surreal body of work. Then the work of Travis Jackson. Very bold and in your face.
I can’t place the artist he reminds me of, but it’s very much like old independent comics and zines I used to collect. Overall, I think this little zine has a great variety of work, and really gets you hooked on the style of these artists. I would like to see another zine from these three soon, that would maybe be in color, or also come with a a small print. Maybe a random one of three?

“Green Grass” zine. Order $ preview
Haubs Homepage
Ken Garduno Homepage
travis Jackson

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