VIVISECT Playground IV, and some sketches

2082996739_ef818e9216.jpgWell the Vivisect Playground show at the Gallery 1988 in SF was a blast. The parking wasn’t so fun, I think half of California was in SF, it took and hour to find a spot.

The gallery was packed, and the line to get a free sketch from either Luke Chueh or Craola was pretty long. We stuck it out, and got some really killer sketches from Craola. He was such a nice guy to talk to, great attitudes make the art even better in my opinion.

There was also alot of really amazing art there. Some great works from Mari Inukai, Roland Tamayo, Erik Alos, Phil Holmes, Matt Dangler and many others. I really liked the Mari Inukai pieces and the Erik Alos painting. Mari Inukai’s work has so much texture to it, you really have to see it in person.

I also got to see some of the prints that Gallery 1988 sells close up, they are top notch. The new Craola print as well as Stella Im Hultberg’s Crazy4Cult print look great. No worries about getting a subpar print.

I have pics of the show in the “gallery” section, and the show will be online for all to see at the Gallery 1988 page.

Speaking of Craola, there is an original painting of his for sale here.

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