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Nathan Stapley’s “Same Gang” @ Gallery 1988

On August 26th, Gallery 1988 in Venice opened the latest solo show of Nathan Stapley. Entitled “Same Gang”, Nathan created 20 watercolor paintings with pop culture icons as influence. “Greaser Party” below features characters from such movies as The Outsiders, Grease, and there is even Lenny and Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley. There is a few paintings setup like these large group portraits, and a few smaller ones that have a “VS” vibe to them, much like the “Great Showdowns” series by Scott Campbell. Overall, “Same Gang” is a great show, and it’s fun to see how many of these pop culture references you can get on the first look. Head on over and check out the full show.

Nathan Stapley @ Gallery 1988

Crazy 4 Cult 5

The 5th installment of the Crazy 4 Cult group show opened this past weekend, Friday July 8th, at the Gallery 1988 in Melrose. The show features work from a huge list of artists all inspired by cult movies. Not only were there original works of art on display, but some prints as well. In the past the Crazy 4 Cult series has put out some amazing art, and had quite a lot of art dedicated to just one movie, such as Big Lebowski and Willy Wonka. It’s nice to see each artists work that was created from the inspiration these movies foster, but at the same time there are so many good movies that have been left out of each one of these group shows. I was however happy to see some more horror movies featured such as the pieces by Jason D’Aquino, Chris Sanchez with the ‘Necronomicon’ pages, Justin White with his trio Kurt Russell works, and Scott Campbell with some more “Great Showdowns”. There is no doubt some great work in this show, N.C. Winters “Scott Pilgrim” inspired work being my favorite so far, but I think the show has lost a bit of its punch. There are so many shows now that are being dedicated to one movie, director or actor. I know that many artists today draw their main sources of inspiration from pop culture, movies being the main one, I just think I am in the mood for some more shows with a bit deeper, thoughtful meaning behind them. Let the pop culture references be a pleasant surprise in these shows, and not just the main attraction. After seeing that Jonathan Darby show at White Walls (reviewed), it really reminded me that art can be powerful, educational, and even life changing. Anyway, take a look at the preview images here and then over to the gallery to see the rest of the works.

Gallery 1988

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“In The Trees: TWIN PEAKS 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition”

Opening tonight, February 12th, in Los Angeles at Clifton’s Brookdale is a group show dedicated to David Lynch’s cult television series “Twin Peaks”. The show will feature work by Glenn Barr, Tim Biskup, Scott Campbell, Paul Chatem, Ryan Heshka, Stella Im Hultberg, Ashley Wood, Jessica Joslin, Chris Mars, Liz McGrath, Eric White, and more. Clifton’s Brookdale is a very unique restaurant, however the artwork for the show has been placed online so those of us that aren’t able to make it to the show, and grab some food, will be able to check of some of this outstanding work. I really like what Stella Im Hultberg came up with, the contrast and colors are perfect.

Check out the full show and details here: Twin Peaks

Preview: Crazy 4 Cult 4

The group show Crazy 4 Cult is now back again for the fourth installment. The full title “Crazy 4 Cult 4: The Case of the Redundant Number”, will feature work inspired by cult movies from a wide range of amazing artists. Just a few of those participating are: Allison Sommers, Anne-Julie Aubrey, Apricot Mantle, Casey Weldon, Chet Zar, Chris Murray, Dan May, Dave MacDowell, Ewelina Ferruso, Gene Guynn, Joe Scarano, Ken Garduno, Ken Keirns, N.C. Winter, Rich Pellegrino, Scott Campbell, Stella Im Hultberg, Tom Haubrick, and many more. Some are veterans of the group show, and many are new. The past three shows seemed to have been dominated by just a handful of movies, Donnie Darko, The Big Lebowski, Edward Scissorhands, and Willy Wonka. There are so many amazing cult movies, I do hope some of them are given the same treatment some of the repeat titles have. Here is a short preview of some of the works that have been posted around the web, or graciously shared with the Creep Machine. Hit the jump-link to see the full preview.

Breakfast Fight Club by Dave MacDowell

This is the Last Time I Saw You by Ken Keirns

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Scott C. “Everybody, All the Time” @ London Miles Gallery

This past March 4th at the London Miles Gallery, was the opening of the first European solo show from Scott Campbell. “Everybody, All the Time” features more than 100 new watercolor works, many of which are on the smaller side and very affordable. There are many works still available, one in particular I wish I got to before it sold (see first).

Check out the show: Scott C @ London Miles

“Zombie Fair” print by Scott Campbell

This past weekend the “Zombie Love” exhibition opened at the Gallery Nucleus. It’s a great show, you can see all of the works Here. One of the pieces from the show is “Zombie Fair” by Scott Campbell. Like many of Scott’s larger works this one is filled with all sorts of great details. The gallery decided to make a print of it that is now available. The print is 24″ x 17″, signed and numbered in an edition of 50.

Get it here: Zombie Fair @ Gallery Nucleus

“Ninja House” print by Scott Campbell

Gallery Nucleus has a new print from Scott Campbell. This print comes from a painting he had in his solo exhibition “Home Slice” this past March. The print is 5.5″ x 7.5″ signed and numbered in an edition of 25 for $30. The original painting was 5″ x 7″, so you get a print that is a touch bigger then the original was.

Scott Campbell @ Gallery Nucleus


“We’ll Be Right Back… After These Messages” @ Rivet Art

Freshly opened this August 1st at Rivet Art in Colombus, OH is a group show entitled “We’ll Be Right Back… After These Messages” . All the pieces from the show are inspired by cartoons from the 80′s and 90′s, which in my humble opinion had some truly amazing cartoons. There are some really excellent artists participating in the show, Andrew Bell, Charlie Owens, Daniel Elson (co-curated the show), Scott Campbell, Thom Glick, Shannon Bonatakis, CJ Metzger and more.

I was already becoming a huge fan of Scott Campbell’s work, then he goes and makes an amazing Thundarr the Barbarian inspired work “Feelin Super Similar”, perfect. I also really like Jason Limon’s “Ooze got the Snorks”. I was never a fan of that cartoon, but if it looked like what Jason has created I would have never missed an episode. Along with the original works, there is also a couple of prints to be had. Charlie Owens has a print of his piece, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” limited to 38. Chris Lee has “Mr. Villain’s Class of 1983″, which is 19″ x 13″, limited to 50 and can be framed or not.

“We’ll Be Right Back… After These Messages” @ Rivet Art


New prints by Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell has new prints for sale over at the Poster Cabaret. There is a large amount of prints available, in various sizes all for around $30-40 each. The prints are limited and it looks as though a few of them are already sold out. I was thinking about getting the “Keeping them at bay” print (shown first) but it’s now sold out. I waited too long.

Scott Campbell @ Poster Cabaret


“Hovels & Hideaways” print set by Cloudy Collection

Cloudy Collection is a on online print shop that is going to be releasing limited edition prints from some great artists. The first edition, “Hovels & Hideaways” is now ready for purchase. The set includes 7 prints from artists such as S.Britt, Vera Brosgol, Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos, Scott Campbell, David Huyck, Bwana Spoons, and Vincent Stall. Each of the print is 4″ x 6″ on ivory colored bamboo paper, printed with vegetable based inks, on a wind powered press. The set is limited to an edition of 100 all for $35. A portion of the sales from this set will go to The Nature Conservancy

Hovels & Hideaways @ Cloudy Collection


RIP Michael Jackson

At age 50 the man known as the King of Pop passed away this June 25th in Los Angeles. It was just hours earlier that Farrah Fawcett passed and Ed Mcmahon the day prior. An 8 year old Creep could be found running around the house with a little sparkly glove on (and matching socks) waiting for MTV to play Thriller again. Not only was the song amazing, but was one of the main reasons I am so hooked on zombies and wanted to be a special effects artist. That whole album was amazing, and pretty much everyone had a copy whether they admit it or not. Even Weird Al’s “Beat It” spoof was great, simply because it came off more like a tribute than many of his other spoofs. The latter part of Michael’s life was riddled with controversy, trials, surgeries and and endless supply of rumors.

But this site is not about all of that, its about art. So here are a few paintings that celebrate the contributions of a musician that was undeniably talented, was the template of many musicians to follow and is still responsible for rhythmless people everywhere to try and moonwalk, but still have fun dancing to songs that will never get old.

“Terrifying One’s Neighborhood” by Scott Campbell

“Thriller” by Allison Torneros

“Funk of 40 Thousand Years” by Gary Pullin

Scott Campbell and Jim Mahfood @ Supreme Broship

Opening this Thursday, June 11th at the Supreme Broship Gallery in London is a duo show with Jim Mahfood (Food One) and Scott Campbell (Scott C). The show is now online to view and looks great. The cool thing about this show, is that a large amount of the work are collaborations between Scott and Jim, as seen below. Then there are the solo pieces from both artists making this one big exhibition. Take a look at the preview pics here, and then head on over to view the whole lot.

Jom Mahfood and Scott C @ Supreme Broship