Creep Machine 7 Year Print Contest

So, the Creep Machine has been around for 7 years now. The new website is almost finished, and to celebrate we are having a print contest. Prints will be given away all week on the Creep Machine Facebook Page. Below is an image of the first print up for grabs. We will have some great prints so don’t miss this chance.

Enter here: Creep Machine Facebook Page

The Hyperpointallist Art of Joka

On October 6th, the WWA Gallery in Culver City opened a group show entitled “The Noise In the Basement”. Overall the work in the show is good, however what stood out the most for me was the art of Joka. I have seen his work for a while now but was really taken with these new pieces. Every painting by Joka is created with the use of toothpicks, so in the style of the pointallists during the late 1880s, Joka goes even further and uses toothpicks in a technique he calls “hyperpointallism”. The works are colorful and have multiple layers. Pointallist works tend to blend smoothly when you are at a certain distance, and then break into the dots that create them, but with Joka’s work the closer you get you see the dots, but there is so much more there that it ends up creating this dense texture. In a way it reminds me of the grain found in certain types of films with a high iso. It looks amazing. Head on over to Joka’s Homepage for more, and then over to the gallery for the rest of the show.

WWA Gallery

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Prints: Red King by Michael Hussar

Michael Hussar has dropped his second limited edition print of 2012 since Modern Devotionalback in February (featured). This print entitled Red King is 12.5 x 9.5″ inches, signed, numbered, and titled in an edition of 88 and also comes with a certificate of authenticity. As with most prints I have seen by Birdbath Publishing, this print is sure to look outstanding, is on top-notch rag paper, and presented and shipped in the best way possible.

Also, for fans that happen to live in London—or can simply fly over there—on Sept 28-30th, Micheal Hussar will be at the 8th International London Tattoo Convention. On Saturday, Michael will be giving an “Alla Prima” painting demo, so if you have ever wanted to see Hussar paint in person, and paint in the Alla Prima fashion which is simply “at once”, make sure you are there. Otherwise he will be at another location following the convention. Full details on the site here: London Tattoo Convention.

For the Red King print, that can be found here: Red King print by Michael Hussar

Exclusive Preview: For Smoke & Mirrors by Ransom & Mitchell @ Varnish Art

Coming this Saturday, September 8th, to the Varnish Art Gallery in San Francisco is the debut exhibition For Smoke & Mirrors by Ransom & Mitchell. This SF based art duo includes Jason Mitchell, photographer-director, and Stacy Ransom, set designer and photo-illustrator. Since 2004 the couple has Purebred Studios, a still and motion production studio in SF, that along with client work also serves as the studio they use for personal projects. Not only do Ransom & Mitchell create breathtaking images based on artist they respect, they also share how these photos were created in a behind the scenes website they call Fake Believe. Fans are able to see that what they believed to be photoshop illustration in the image was in fact part of the set, or even a full costume that was constructed just for the shoot. While living in San Francisco for a short time, I was asked to stop by the studio and hang out while the the duo and their crew worked on a new artist shoot with Scott Musgrove. Below is an exclusive image of one of the final photos from the Scott Musgrove sitting. Read more for a breakdown of the days events, and more images of this upcoming exhibition.

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Crazy 4 Cult: New York

The sixth annual Crazy 4 Cult group show opened this past week; the big change is that this time around it is in New York. There is a new lineup of artists with a good mix of new and returning favorites. Looking around the net there are stories of the long lines, people camping out to see the show, and an overall amazing night of art and cult movie entertainment. Just a handful of the artists that graced the show this year are Aaron Jasinksi, Allison Sommers, Casey Weldon, Cate Rangel, Chris B Murray, Dabs Myla, Fred Harper, Jason Edmiston, Lora Zombie, Sam Wolfe Connelly, and Travis Louie.

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Sistine Pop by Joshua Budich

On August 2nd, Gallery 1988 in Venice opened a three person show with new work from Jeff Boyes, Joshua Budich, and Jay Shaw. While it’s a good show, the work I was most interested in was the Sistine Pop series of prints by Joshua Budich. Taking inspiration from the Renaissance, an area of study for Budich, he looked at the Sistine Chapel, specifically the sloping areas in which the Prophets and Sybils reside. 6 screen-prints, each one 18″ x 18″ were created with the layout drawing from Michelangelo’s masterpiece, and the figures pulled from Budich’s love of pop culture and toys. It’s an amazing idea, and not only does Budich’s style work perfectly for this series, but I am not wanting to see the an entire Sisten Chapel style re-imagining by the artist. If you check out the artists website you can see some detail shots, and even a sketch of one of the pieces (here).

See the Full Show here: Gallery 1988: Venice

Short Links: Travis Louie, Second Skin, and Keith Weesner

Since the new job is taking up a good amount of my time, I have been pretty late on posting about some amazing shows and print releases lately. So a new category called “Short Links” will help me catch up, while alerting the fans of some must see art.

Aug 2: Joshua Liner Gallery opened their Summer Group Exhibition featuring the work of Alfred Steiner, Clayton Bros, Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Daniel Rich, David Ellis, Ian Francis, Jean-Pierre Roy, Kris Kuksi, Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, Pema Rinzin, Riusuke Fukahori, Tat Ito, Tiffany Bozic, and Tomokazu Matsuyama.

Aug 3: Stranger Factory opened Spirits, the latest solo show by Travis Louie. Resin figures, drawings, paintings, and some prints are all all view until Sept 3rd.

Aug 4: Thinkspace Gallery opened three shows with new works by Brett Amory and Adam Caldwell for Dirty Laundry, Paul Barnes with Nocturne in the project room, and in the office new works by Sean Mahan.

Aug 4: Copro Gallery closed two must see shows. Second Skin, a tattoo artist group exhibition curated by Chet Zar, with works by Alex Garcia, Mike DeVries, Paul Booth, and Shawn Barber to name a few; and in Gallery 2 Keith Weesner with Heathens Den.

“Fragments & Phantoms” by Tim MacLean @ Subtext Gallery

This past weekend was packed with amazing events; the San Diego Comic Con, Eric Fortune at Lebasse Projects, Laurie Lipton at Ace Gallery, Meggs at White Walls in SF, Jeremy Fish at Fifty24SF, and Tim MacLean at the Subtext Gallery in San Diego. Art fans in Southern California looking to see some new superhero works of art, were also able to check out Tim MacLean’s latest solo show and see the Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Spider Man in the way only MacLean can present them. For this latest show Maclean “explores the landscapes of mental realms, where the conscious and unconscious connect and archetypal patterns expand and converge.”. Take a look at the preview images below, and then head over to the exhibition page. Along with original works of art, there is also some prints available.

Tim MacLean @ Subtext Gallery

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“Between Wind and Water”, Sarah Joncas and Caia Koopman @ Thinkspace

On June 16th, Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City opened a duo show with new work from Caia Koopman and Sarah Joncas entitled Between Wind and Water. Both artists have very different styles, but the show doesn’t look odd because of this. The last solo show that I remember seeing from Sarah Joncas was at Last Rites Gallery last April 2011. Taking a look at her personal website, you can see that she is going to have another solo show at Last Rites this coming December 2012. Her work seems to be getting a tad darker, and in some cases even a bit more erotic—these changes however are subtle. I do hope she keeps moving in this direction, or even one that would not be expected. Both artists submitted some top-notch work to this show, so take a look at the preview and then head over for the full show. There is also a good interview with Sarah Joncas over at the Sour Harvest blog.

See the full show here: Sarah Joncas and Caia Koopman @ Thinkspace

O+ Arts Festival in NY – Health Support for Artists

Update November 13, 2012:

Almost 2,000 people attended the 3rd Annual O+ Festival held in the Historic Stockade District of Uptown Kingston from October 5th through 7th this year. The Festival whose tagline is “Bartering the Art of Medicine for the Medicine of Art,” is based on the provision of free health access to all participating artists and musicians. Bands such as the Felice Brothers performed, and public artwork was displayed throughout Uptown Kingston. In total there were 40 bands, 41 artists, 58 healthcare providers, and 4 dentists. There were 443 hours of care donated, totaling $69,450 worth of free health access. Amazing coverage for this groundbreaking event helped to make this year a tremendous success. All of the money raised goes toward the provision of medical supplies for the event. For more information on O+ or to learn how to become involved next year, please visit:

One of the most dire problems in the art world is the sheer lack of health service assistance that artists have access to. This is not an acceptable way for a professional artist to live. The risks they take are major; the odds are not in their favor. Artists who depend on their work for income need to find a way for their health to be supported.

Tom Cingel


Enter O+, a new festival that was started by a dentist, a doctor, and a couple of artists – all friends – in Kingston, NY (near Woodstock). Their idea is quite simple: Artists come to the festival to perform or show their art, and are ‘paid’ with health care of all kinds ranging from physical therapy, blood tests, dentistry, eye exams and the like. Covering everyone’s healthcare is no simple matter, but much success has been had with the festival thus far. It marks the beginning of a solution to the artist healthcare problem.

Past participating visual artists include: Mike Egan, Thom Grady, Jessica Harrison, Polly M. Law, Denise Orzo, Geddes Jones Paulsen, Kevin Paulsen, Anthony Pontius, Scott Holloway and many others.

Artists can apply to get their artwork into the festival, but it’s highly competitive. The best way to get involved is to volunteer and still get access to some of the health services offered. For details on volunteering, check out the site here.

Taking part in any way means spending Columbus Day weekend in October up in Kingston, NY, which is a short two-hour drive north of Manhattan with bus services leading directly into the heart of the festival. If attending is not feasible for you, spreading the word will help call attention to the festival and help it grow so that more artists can be helped. You may want to consider starting a version of the festival in your city.

Snake image by Paul Heath /// Photos by Jason Sebastian Russo

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“Linearity” group show @ Mint Gallery

One June 9th, the Mint Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, opened Linearity, a group show featuring 25 artists working in a variety of mediums all on paper. The show was curated by artist Kelly McKernan, and is now on available to view on the web. There is some great work in this show, a few pieces were very surprising such as Nobody Lives Forever by Megan Frauenhoffer (shown first). This mixed-drawing has the same figurative style Megan is known for, but its a new style overall and looks amazing. Take a look at the preview images below, from Megan Frauenhoffer, Kelly McKernan, Kaspian Shore, and Gene Guynn, and then head over to the rest of the works.

“Linearity” group show @ Mint Gallery

Casey Weldon’s “New World Hoarder” @ Spoke Art

On June 7th, Spoke Art in San Francisco opened the highly anticipated solo show New World Hoarder by Casey Weldon. Fans of Casey’s work have seen him release some outstanding painting in a variety of group show across the country; I was even lucky to have Casey submit a painting to the Marvelous Humans Group show that took place at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco. This is Casey’s debut solo show in the Bay Area, and features more than 20 new paintings. Not only does Casey have a unique style, but the color palettes he uses to bring these worlds into view are always electric and surreal. Along with the new works by Casey Weldon, Peter Adamyan also has a mini show at the gallery entitled Back Room Cinema. Head on over to the Spoke Art homepage to see the full shows.

Spoke Art Gallery