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Halloween 2012 Group Feature

First off, I apologize for the delay in postings the past few weeks. I am still here, and still determined to keep this site going for as long as I can. Work has been a little too hectic lately, but i’m working on getting back to posting more. So, with a bit of a delay, here is this years Halloween feature. Art from Jason Edmiston, Travis Louie, Dan Harding, Ego, Scarecrowoven, Ken Garduno, Jackie Gallagher, Tom Haubrick, Matthew Bone, Chris Mars, Jacob Bannon, Darwin Enriquez, Matt Buck, Patrick Fatica, Tom Bagshaw, Chet Zar, Apricot Mantle, Brian Smith, James Groman, and Fernando Carpaneda. Click on The Bride for the full feature.

“I Like to Paint Monsters” Documentary on Chet Zar

Mike Correll currently has a Kickstarter campaign going in order to raise the funds needed to make his documentary on artist Chet Zar. Entitled “I Like to Paint Moonster”, this introspective look into the life and art of this inspiring artist, will give fans a closer idea of what drives him to create the work he does, and what it took to get there. The campaign is doing very well, and has around 21 days to go, with a closing date of October 12, 2012. Take a look at the video, and then head on over to the page to see how you can help.

I Like to Paint Monsters @ Kickstarter

Timelapse Painting by Ken Garduno for Soulpancake

Soulpancake is a site created by Rainn Wilson (The Office) and a bunch of his friends. As stated in their Facebook page “We want to make discussions about Spirituality, Creativity, and Philosophy cool again. Were they ever cool? We have no idea. But it seems like a good idea.” One of the features of this new project that caught my eye was art, and in their newly launched Youtube channel, they have a timelapse painting video by Ken Garduno. This is a great video that shows just how badass Ken is when it comes to painting, so make sure you check this out. And, if you like what you see make sure to check out Soulpancake and all they have cooking up as well.

New work by Minjae Lee

Long time readers of the site might remember the work of Minjae Lee; one of the earlier featured artists, and still one of the most searched for key words on the site. It’s been a few years since I have taken a look to see what Minjae Lee was up to, but this past week I checked out his website and was blown away. Not only has he updated his website, but there is now the option to order limited and open edition prints of some of the paintings. I spent quite a while looking through the site, and am featuring 3 works from 2012, I highly suggest you head over to the site and check out the rest.

Minjae Lee Homepage

New work by Dave MacDowell for solo exhibition

Opening tonight at the Venice location of Gallery 1988, will be a duo show with new work from Kirk Demarais & Dave MacDowell. In the oast few weeks Dave has been painting like crazy, and has created some outstanding work. He currently has a couple of pieces on view at the Synergy, Thinkspace Curated show currently on view at Spoke Art in San Francisco.

This new series of works features Dave’s unique blend of pop culture mashing, and his never-ending ability to create paintings that are sure to make you smile, laugh, and be come jealous that you didn’t think of it first. The shows features a good amount of Big Lebowski inspired paintings, some music references, and Dave even revisits a painting, Freaky Friday, from the first show I ever curated with his new Deebo of the Dead. Take a look at the preview images, and then over to the website to see more.

Dave MacDowell @ G9188

Maurice Sendak, Inspirational Author and Artist, Dies at 83

Maurice Sendak, author and/or artist of close to 100 books such as Where the Wild Things Are, passed away today at age 83. Sendak won nearly every major award for children’s literature, and inspired artists and imaginations from all over the world. I remember going to into the school library as a child, and Where the Wild Things Are was always the “go-to” book; I believe they had multiple copies. I’m pretty sure this book was one of the main reasons why I feel in love with monsters. Sendak has been quoted saying “I am a professional rude, crude artist”, and while it has only been the past few years I have really begun to appreciate the art in many children’s books, the illustrations by Mr. Sendak always seemed so intense. Filled with so much detail, texture, and most importantly so very unique. A drawing from his book Outside Over There, shown last, clearly shows how talented an artist he was.

So to celebrate this prolific and inspirational author and artist, we have some links to some amazing interviews and art. Back in 2009 Gallery Nucleus hosted Terrible Yellow Eyes (here), a group show with work inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. Huffington Post has a great interview from 2004 with Bill Moyers (here) , in which Sendak talks about childhood memories and the inspiration behind his work. Finally for some laughs, if you haven’t seen it already, Stephen Colbert interviews Mr. Sendak (here) in preparation for his own children’s book. This is a must see, and shows how much of a character he was. Take a look at some illustrations below, such as a a drawing Sendak made in 1967 for Tolkein’s The Hobbit (shown first).

Finally, RIP Mr Sendak, and from artists, authors, grown-ups, children, and monsters everywhere “Please don’t go. We’ll eat you up. We love you so!”

Original work available by Tom Haubrick

Tom Haubrick has just added a whole slew of original drawings, and paintings to his Etsy shop. The bulk of the work comes from his latest book Drifters 2, which is also available in the shop. The paintings, such as the Donnie Darko inspired piece seen below, are all ink and wash on arches watercolor paper and are all under $250. The drawings, which are 5″ x 7″, are all ink on bristol paper. There are also some older drawings from Drifters 1 still available, and these are around 9″ x 12″ each. There is a great selection of drawings still left, and for $20 each you can’t go wrong.

Tom Huabrick @ Etsy

“Skulltastic” by Iain Macarthur

Iain Macarthur (featured) has been adding some new work to his Behance profile lately. One of the series entitled Skulltastic, showcases Iain’s amazing level of detail, and reinvigorates an iconic subject for many artists. Take a look at the images below and then head over to Iain’s profile for more.

Iain Macarthur @ Behance

Molly Crabapple’s “Shell Game”, engaging art from financial havoc

Back in October of 2011 I wrote “Political Art for Much Needed Time“, and touched on the idea of art that addresses many of the issues we deal with today. I love art that takes you away to another world, but I also firmly believe that we need art that can open our eyes to what is going on, and most importantly bring people together. I was happy to see that Molly Crabapple has a series of works that not only addresses the financial meltdown that is still raging on, but does it in a way that doesn’t come off like standard political art. Shell Game is an art show that takes inspiration from the financial collapse, and those that have stood up against the powers that set it in motion. For this show Molly plans to create 9, 6-foot tall paintings, and display them in a rented storefront fully decked out like a gambling parlor and invite the city and internet to come along. I really like the idea that a gallery will not be a part of this event, as stated by Molly “It doesn’t seem right to make an art show about the way financial elites screwed us up and only sell things that financial elites can afford. So I’m turning to you to create an art show that anyone can be a part of. ”

This is an amazing idea, and I hope one that inspires others to do something similar. Head on over to the Kickstarter page created for this project for more information, how you can help, and spread the word. Below is an image of the first painting in the series Great American Bubble Machine

Shell Game: An Art Show About the Financial Meltdown

Judith Schaechter Reveals Her Latest Work

Stained glass maven, Judith Schaechter, recently published images of a very large new stained glass work called “The Battle of Carnival and Lent” on her blog. She created this work specifically for the Eastern State Penitentiary‘s long running art installation program, to which she was accepted last year. She’s been posting progress shots on her blog for a while now – I’ve posted some of them below along with shots of the final work.

The Eastern State Penitentiary is an unbelievably exciting venue for Judith to be showing her work. Like Alcatraz in San Francisco, the defunct jail is open to public tours and has Al Capone’s old cell dressed up the way he kept it back in the day (he was jailed in both locations during his career). Eastern State, however, has kept several of its hallways derelict and unswept, abandoned and dirty. Spaces that have been falling apart and eroding over the years since Philadelphia stopped using it in 1971 are kept in their tender state, dusty with caved-in ceilings. In some cells, knots of old tree roots have moved down and in, further eroding the building’s structure and warping what little light enters.

Judith’s work is self-described as “addressing in a non-religious way the psychological border territory between ‘spiritual aspiration’ and human suffering.” Since the penitentiary, the first of its kind in the United States, was meant to spiritually rehabilitate its tenants, and instead wound up psychologically harming many of them, this new work is an authentic interpretation of the structure’s sordid past.

There are three more small pieces Judith needs to make before the full work is fully finished. All will be installed in the transom of Cellblock 11 starting April 1, if not earlier, and will run for eight months. An opening reception for Judith and other artists involved in the program is scheduled for Friday, May 11, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30.

Images courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery.

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New work by Dean McDowell

Dean McDowell has been pretty busy lately with two shows coming up. The first one opens March 7th at The Black Loft Gallery in Dublin and is entitled Food Fight, in which six artists from Belfast will be placing themselves in foodie heaven. The next show opens at Rothick Art Haus March 11, and is entitled Cutter, Quitter, Quicker. Dean will be showing alongside William Zdan and Delphia Nikolaus. We have previews of the two new paintings for this show right here; My Heroin and Sorrows Beating Heart. Love the texture and colors Dean is able to get in every one of his paintings. To keep up with more new shows and new work, make sure to check out his homepage.

Dean McDowell

Joshua Hagler and His Imagined Chase

The phrenetic artwork of Joshua Hagler is quite alluring and strange, visceral, grotesque and sensual. Many of his works are confusing blobs of flesh, cloth, blood, light, metal and water, churning and changing in gurgling currents. However scattered that may sound, what forms and figures he uses are bluntly recognizable and intimately disturbing. His works explore ideas born from an “intense personal necessity” to utilize religious content and tear into those psychological trigger-points that confuse and test religious beliefs.

In his latest exhibition, The Imagined Chase, opening at Frey Norris in San Francisco next week, his paintings feature even more abstract forms that resemble rorschach tests and infer a reflection of sorts. More specifically, they explore the outcome of extensive interviews of four men that he executed and recorded over the past few years. This conceptual exhibition explores and remixes these interviews via new paintings, a 16-foot sculptural installation, and a multi-channel animated video projection that involves 3D models based upon the likenesses of each of the four interviewees. The video is a:

“…fictive apocrypha of ‘sacred history’ [that enlists] individual and shared feelings about mortality to accelerate experienced history towards myth. When projected externally, imagined scenarios about the mortality of the earth itself are integrated into the cultural evolution of mythology and religion in the present day.”

Regardless of your level of interest in more conceptual artwork, Joshua’s work is stunning to view. The exhibition will be on view from March 1 – through February 28, 2012 with an opening Reception on March 1, 5-8pm.

Thanks to artist Jeff Faerber for introducing me to this great artist!

All images courtesy of the artist and Frey Norris Contemporary and Modern