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New work by Dave MacDowell for solo exhibition

Opening tonight at the Venice location of Gallery 1988, will be a duo show with new work from Kirk Demarais & Dave MacDowell. In the oast few weeks Dave has been painting like crazy, and has created some outstanding work. He currently has a couple of pieces on view at the Synergy, Thinkspace Curated show currently on view at Spoke Art in San Francisco.

This new series of works features Dave’s unique blend of pop culture mashing, and his never-ending ability to create paintings that are sure to make you smile, laugh, and be come jealous that you didn’t think of it first. The shows features a good amount of Big Lebowski inspired paintings, some music references, and Dave even revisits a painting, Freaky Friday, from the first show I ever curated with his new Deebo of the Dead. Take a look at the preview images, and then over to the website to see more.

Dave MacDowell @ G9188

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