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Halloween 2012 Group Feature

First off, I apologize for the delay in postings the past few weeks. I am still here, and still determined to keep this site going for as long as I can. Work has been a little too hectic lately, but i’m working on getting back to posting more. So, with a bit of a delay, here is this years Halloween feature. Art from Jason Edmiston, Travis Louie, Dan Harding, Ego, Scarecrowoven, Ken Garduno, Jackie Gallagher, Tom Haubrick, Matthew Bone, Chris Mars, Jacob Bannon, Darwin Enriquez, Matt Buck, Patrick Fatica, Tom Bagshaw, Chet Zar, Apricot Mantle, Brian Smith, James Groman, and Fernando Carpaneda. Click on The Bride for the full feature.

Timelapse Painting by Ken Garduno for Soulpancake

Soulpancake is a site created by Rainn Wilson (The Office) and a bunch of his friends. As stated in their Facebook page “We want to make discussions about Spirituality, Creativity, and Philosophy cool again. Were they ever cool? We have no idea. But it seems like a good idea.” One of the features of this new project that caught my eye was art, and in their newly launched Youtube channel, they have a timelapse painting video by Ken Garduno. This is a great video that shows just how badass Ken is when it comes to painting, so make sure you check this out. And, if you like what you see make sure to check out Soulpancake and all they have cooking up as well.

The Art of Spencer Mann

After living in San Francisco for just under a year, I have now realized there was so much art that I missed out on. Besides the galleries, there are nightly events, meetups at houses, and even some artists such as Spencer Mann that you might just run into while checking out the Haight. Spencer’s work is filled with detail, color, and texture. Coming this Thursday, July 26 in San Francisco, Spencer will have some work on view at Mixology, an event by RAW. If you head over to the link, you can even purchase tickets through Spencer’s artist profile page, which will help him out. Also, make sure to check out his Flickr page for more works.

Spencer Mann @ Flickr

New work by Soey Milk

Soey Milk is an artist working out of Pasadena, CA. She recently had a solo show at La Luz de Jesus this past February and showed just how amazing she is with oils. Soey also keeps a blog and uploads any new art she creates, which alerted me to the recent works I am about to share. I am blown away by how skilled she is with a such a wide variety of mediums. Two of the recent works she posted are influenced by Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser. The first thing that struck me about these two works, is that even though the focus is on a famous musician, they were done in such an elegant way that I believe anyone can fully enjoy them even if you don’t like Die Antwoord or Visser. This cannot be said for many works that were influenced by celebrities. Head on over and take a look at Soey Milk’s blog and be inspired.

Soey Milk Blog

“ESL” by James Jean

James Jean has just released an image of his latest painting. Entitled ESL, this 18″ x 24″ oil and pumice on wood panel painting, is currently on view at the Ivory and Black Gallery in London. The texture/glare in the image is the pumice used in the painting; it would be great to see this in person to really get a good idea of the mood created with all of that texture.

“Curiosity” by René Campbell

René Campbell is an artist working out of Adelaide, Australia. I stumbled upon this digital painting browsing around Reddit. Not the most amazing place to find art, but there are some great finds there if you look around. The moment after I saw this piece, entitled Curiosity, I knew I had to share it here. René is 18 years old, is completely self-taught, and aspires to be a successful artist. While this is of course the goal for every artist, I think René will do quite well. If this is the caliber of work she is currently producing, imagine in the next few years what we will be seeing. This piece is 100% digital and took between 4-50 hours. Head on over to René’s Society6 page for more. Also, make sure to click the image to see a larger version, all that detail is worth it.

René Campbell @ Society6

New work by Minjae Lee

Long time readers of the site might remember the work of Minjae Lee; one of the earlier featured artists, and still one of the most searched for key words on the site. It’s been a few years since I have taken a look to see what Minjae Lee was up to, but this past week I checked out his website and was blown away. Not only has he updated his website, but there is now the option to order limited and open edition prints of some of the paintings. I spent quite a while looking through the site, and am featuring 3 works from 2012, I highly suggest you head over to the site and check out the rest.

Minjae Lee Homepage

“Time Machine” series by Allison Torneros

Allison Torneros has just re-launched her online shop, and to help get it back in full gear she is having a sale of original paintings. The new series is entitled Time Machine, and features 30, 9″ x9″ mixed media paintings for only $80 each. They are going pretty fast, however I still wanted to share them here. Each painting is acrylic, spray paint, and graphite on paper and has that amazing feel Allison’s large scale works have. I love that idea that each piece looks completely random, as if she started laying down paint and allowed it to guide the entire process.

Check em out here: Allison Torneros Big Cartel

The Sculptures of Roger Reutimann

Swiss born artist Roger Reutimann started at a young age with art playing classical piano, and even competed in piano competitions. Later he would gain some notoriety for his award-winning, handcrafted, and limited edition lamps. Reutimann has been painting and sculpting his entire life, although it has only been since 2007 that he has dedicated more time to it. He has an amazing style. Make sure you head on over and check out the rest of his work.

Roger Reutimann

“Long Distance La Dubla” with Tom Haubrick, Ken Garduno, and Travis Jackson

“Long Distance La Dubla” opened in May 4th at Blackbird Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show featured new works by Tom Haubrick, Ken Garduno, and Travis Jackson. All three artists kindly allowed me to post the works from the show here on the Creep Machine, so you can check out this amazing show no matter where you are. Check out the work and make sure to keep your eye on Tom Haubrick and Ken Garduno‘s Facebook pages, as they post quite a lot of sketches and information. If you are interested in original works, you can check out the Tom Haubrick’s Etsy page, and Ken Garduno’s Etsy page as well.

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Maurice Sendak, Inspirational Author and Artist, Dies at 83

Maurice Sendak, author and/or artist of close to 100 books such as Where the Wild Things Are, passed away today at age 83. Sendak won nearly every major award for children’s literature, and inspired artists and imaginations from all over the world. I remember going to into the school library as a child, and Where the Wild Things Are was always the “go-to” book; I believe they had multiple copies. I’m pretty sure this book was one of the main reasons why I feel in love with monsters. Sendak has been quoted saying “I am a professional rude, crude artist”, and while it has only been the past few years I have really begun to appreciate the art in many children’s books, the illustrations by Mr. Sendak always seemed so intense. Filled with so much detail, texture, and most importantly so very unique. A drawing from his book Outside Over There, shown last, clearly shows how talented an artist he was.

So to celebrate this prolific and inspirational author and artist, we have some links to some amazing interviews and art. Back in 2009 Gallery Nucleus hosted Terrible Yellow Eyes (here), a group show with work inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. Huffington Post has a great interview from 2004 with Bill Moyers (here) , in which Sendak talks about childhood memories and the inspiration behind his work. Finally for some laughs, if you haven’t seen it already, Stephen Colbert interviews Mr. Sendak (here) in preparation for his own children’s book. This is a must see, and shows how much of a character he was. Take a look at some illustrations below, such as a a drawing Sendak made in 1967 for Tolkein’s The Hobbit (shown first).

Finally, RIP Mr Sendak, and from artists, authors, grown-ups, children, and monsters everywhere “Please don’t go. We’ll eat you up. We love you so!”

Tribute to Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys

Adam Yauch, more famously known as MCA of the legendary band Beastie Boys has passed away at the age of 47 (link). For the past few years Yauch has battled cancer. Since the 80′s Beastie Boys have influenced an endless amount of musicians, created some of the most memorable music videos around, and inspired artists in every medium, not just music. Just last month the Beastie Boys were inducted into the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So turn on your favorite tunes, and check out the art below that was inspired by the music and members of Beastie Boys.