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    The Art of Spencer Mann

    After living in San Francisco for just under a year, I have now realized there was so much art that I missed out on. Besides the galleries, there are nightly events,…

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    The Sculptures of Roger Reutimann

    Swiss born artist Roger Reutimann started at a young age with art playing classical piano, and even competed in piano competitions. Later he would gain some notoriety for his award-winning, handcrafted,…

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    The Art of Falk Gernegross

    Born in Marienberg, Germany, Falk Gernegroß`attended the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, and studied painting under Arno Rink and Neo Rauch. His work has been compared to the Magic Realism…

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    The Art of Ali Cavanaugh

    Ali Cavanaugh received her BFA at the Kendall College of Art and Design, and was in the New York Studio Residency Program in 1994. In 1996 she founded the New School…

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    The Art of Ivan Alifan

    Ivan Alifan is an artist currently living in Canada. He attended the OCAD University in Toronto, Canada, and is son of the very talented Russian painter Anna Razumovskaya. Ivan recently participated…

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    The Art of Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie Brown is an artist and tattoo artist working out of Chicago, Il. She completed her apprenticeship at Metamorph Studios, and is now tattooing full time. When it comes to her…

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    The Art of Yuri Leonov

    Artist Yuri Leonov is an up and coming New Contemporary artist who recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts’ Illustration program.  He’s been painting since he was 13, thus his…