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The Art of Ali Cavanaugh

Ali Cavanaugh received her BFA at the Kendall College of Art and Design, and was in the New York Studio Residency Program in 1994. In 1996 she founded the New School Academy of Fine Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan before relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was after her relocation that she developed her watercolor technique that is seen throughout her current portfolio. Painting on clay panels, Ali is able to achieve what she refers to as “neo fresco secco” and uses “small controlled strokes of overlapping colors to create depth while letting the white clay surface illuminate through the pigment.”
While her paintings are amazingly photo-realistic, you can see brush strokes creating a slight texture if you look close enough, something that is very reminiscent of egg tempera style paintings. I would love to see one of these in person to really study this technique she has developed. Take a look at the preview images below and then over to her homepage for more.

Ali Cavanaugh Homepage

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