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Gruss vom Krampus 2014

In the past few years I have seen the Krampus gain popularity here in the US. For those not familiar with this story, the Krampus is based in Alpine Folklore and is a companion to Saint Nicholas. While most of the kids in the US grew up with stories of getting a lump of coal and no presents if you had been bad that year, Austrian children would be warned that the Krampus would come and punish them, or even kidnap them if they had been bad. The hairy, horned, hoofed, and long-tongued figure, is perfect for inspiring new works of art. There have been a few books, and even art shows throughout the years with artists creating their own versions of the Krampus. If you would like to learn more, check out

Here is a selection of works from various artists and shows. Have any amazing ones we missed? Add a link in the comments.

Gruß vom Krampus (Greetings from the Krampus)

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