aotd: “Bjork”

It pretty much rained the whole weekend where I live, so the best thing to do was to relax and listen to music. I was looking around to see if anyone had made any paintings inspired by Bjork and found this one.

I love it when an artist makes a portrait of someone and doesn’t try to make it look as lifelike and “photographic” as possible. You can clearly see who this is supposed to be, and it has a unique quality to it and the artists voice is shown in the work. This painting is done by Gregory Dubois, and it looks like his page hasn’t been updated in a while. No clue where he is now, but he has some great work on his page. Kurt Kobain, Audrey Hepburn, Stephen King, James Dean & more. All of them look great.

If you would like to check out Greg’s work and maybe see if you can get in touch with him, check his page here: Greg Dubois Illustration

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