aotd: “Crucifixion 001” by R.S. Connett

Today’s art of the day is from R.S. Connet, otherwise known as Vomitus Maximus. Much like Jeff Soto and many other artists, Connett is worrried about the future of our world and what we are doing to it. Jeff Soto’s last show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery was pretty much centered around this idea as well, with Connett’s work though you get the idea as clear as a firm slap on the face.

Looking at this piece it’s quite clear that whatever is going on is bad. The sky reminds me of my hometown and it’s awful air quality. Just looking at this make my lungs constrict. I was just noticing today people were walking around in shorts, jogging and enjoying the sun. The whole time I was tripping out. It’s only March and flowers are blooming and sneezes are plentiful. This shouldn’t be a problem, but where I live it should be foggy right now. I’m glad artists like R.S. Connett are also disturbed by what is going on, and all that seems to go unnoticed.

For more of R.S. Connett’s amazing, surreal paintings check out his homepage. He also has a huge amount of prints to choose from.
Vomitis Maximus the art of R.S. Connett

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