aotd: “I Love You”

Today’s piece is from Aleksandra Marchocka an illustrator out of Warsaw, Poland. Not only does she do digital work but if you look in the artists gallery, you can see that she can also paint very well.

The colors in a lot of her illustrations have that same kind of “candy” feel to them, much like Tara McPherson’s work. I could really picture Aleksandra doing some poster art as well. If I had a band I would love to have her work promoting the music. This piece is about how the Grim Reaper loves the tooth fairy. I love the concept of the piece.

Take a loo at her gallery, there really is some killer work there. Hopefully we will see her worn start to make it’s way around the gig posters type of sites. If that’s what she wants to do of course.

Aleksandra Marchocka homepage

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