aotd: “Living Dead Girl” by Cate Rangel

Cate recently was in a group show at the Grind Gallery, and will be in a bunch of shows in the coming months. She usually sells her work through Ebay, or Etsy and I am often on both of those sites looking for prints to feature so I always stumble onto her prints and originals. Her work is always colorful, and I love the fact that she is using acrylic to get the glowing effects that you see on each of these images.

She recently posted a new painting, and I was instantly drawn in. I am a pretty big zombie fan and always love it when artists make a zombie painting and don’t make it look too cheezy. Much like the “Zombie Girl From Mars” that Dean Mcdowell had in the Attack of the B Movie Show, this painting is elegant. I love the overall color that she used, the subtle glow around the figure and the eyes. I love it when zombie eyes are done this way, as if all color has been drained from them yet the basic structure is still there.

For more of Cate’s art and print, head on over to her homepage: Cate Rangel Homepage

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