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The piece above is from Małgorzata Maj, an artist from Poland known as Sarachmet. She is a digital artist, that takes the photos, manipulates them and also paints and draws on them. Giving her pieces a unique quality to them, one that allows you to instantly recognize her work, once you become a fan of it of course.

If you look through her gallery there are so many great pieces, I chose the one above because of the feel and color scheme. The image reminds me of a beautiful hand painted Daugerrotype, with a nice amount of contrast, nice rounded corners, and a signature that fits well with the overall image. The colors are the most intriguing to me, sepia with a nice splash of crimson. It has a nice aged look to it, but it’s so dynamic you know its recent.

I would love a print of this, a giclee print on wood panel with soft rounded corners. Head over to he profile to see her other works, she also adds descriptions to each of her works, background stories really.

Sarachmet profile

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