aotd: “Reclining in White” by Jeremy Lipking

Well, I started my classes this past week and am taking my first oil painting class. I have painted in watercolors and acrylics before, but never oils. I now have a major appreciation for those that can use them, not like I wasn’t completely mesmerized before.

So, while waiting for paint to day I went out looking for oil paintings that made me truly appreciate how far I have to go. There is of course Michael Hussar, Kevin Llewellyn, Sean Cheetham and today’s featured art by Jeremy Lipking. The piece shown here is beautiful in every way, I really wish I was able to see this in person, as these little internet pics remove so much of the experience of looking at art. The nightgown and its transparency is amazing. Jeremy has a DVD out that shows how he paints, and there is also this little step by step if you want to take a look. Lipking Step by Step

Head on over to his homepage to see more work, and order a dvd or book if you wish, I’m saving for the dvd as well.

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