aotd: “Same as it ever was” by Jason Rudolphpena

After this week finishes, I’m going to get back to posting some of the art that is sent to me daily. For now though we have another artist that has work in the B Movie show, Jason Rudolphpena.

Jason has a really killer style, and like Michael Shapcott he also makes videos showing his painting process. I really wish more artists did this, but we have Jason and sites like SketchTheatre to share with us the process of making these works.

Jason’s painting for the show is a portrait of Schlitzie (Simon Metz), a Sideshow performer that is most known for his role in the 1923 film “Freaks”. The color scheme is identical the piece featured here. You can actually purchase the painting above at the Crybaby Gallery in New Jersey, and of course see the b Movie painting at the show and in the Creep Store.

Head on over to Jason’s site to see some of the videos he has made, and all of the work he has done, and if you look around his site you’ll actually be able to see the Schlitzie piece.

Book of Faces: Jason Rudolphpena

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