aotd: “Talisman”

I was visiting Varnish Art Gallery in San Francisco, and was able to see this piece in person. So I thought I would feature it as it’s an amazing painting and is the first time I am able to talk about a piece I saw up close for “Art of the Day”.

First of all the painting is huge, 35″ x 58″. And although the image doesn’t show it very well the colors make this piece really stand out. I noticed it from the bottom floor, it basically slapped me the face. It’s oil on wood and looks amazing. The wings have this great transparent quality to them. The frame really finishes this piece off so well. I love it when people use frames that don’t look like they were just picked up at the art store. It just adds a nice touch to it all. Michael Hussar uses custom frames, as does Sarah Bereza.

For more of Jennybird’s work head on over to her homepage. Jennybird Alcantra

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