aotd: “The Amazing Strength of Spokes”

I had to put this as today’s piece. Not only because it’s simply amazing, but it’s of a gorilla, riding a boneshaker (hiwheel) bike. This piece is from Linda Herzog, and is oil 30×20.

The gorilla looks so amazing, and the background is perfect for the scene. The moth on the bottom right is quite a nice touch. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be int he scene, or on the canvas, breaking the illusion that this is a painting much like some of the Italian Masters did with a bottle, or some other object to show that this is just a painting. Either way, it’s brilliant.
If you like this piece, make sure you head over to the artists site and look at all of her work. She is very talented, especially knowing she has no formal training.

Linda Herzog Profile

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