aotd: “The Pattern Of The Earth 4”

Today’s piece is from Natasha Newton, an artist out of the UK that I was just recently re-introduced to. I’ve read that her work reminds people of Edward Gorey, and I can see that but I would also add that it reminds me of Amy Sol’s work, the color palette at least.

She uses a color palette that is nice and muted similar to Amy’s. The colors really help to create a great mood. It’s not melancholy, at least to me it isn’t. It reminds me a lot of the area close to where I live. In the winter when I’m out taking photos for work this is close to what I see all around me. I’m going to miss those days, but with paintings like Natasha’s I’ll be able to have something to remind me of it all. She also has prints available from her site.

You can see the rest of her work here:
Natsha Newton Homepage
Natasha Newton Blog

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