aotd: “Void”

Terri Woodward is an artist out of California, where I’m at by the way. She has had shows at the Hive Gallery, Art Whino, Carmichael Gallery and others. Her figures have these great big eyes, similar to what you might see in the work of Sas Christian but Terri definitely has her own style of painting. For instance the eyes in this piece really look like some sketchy zombie eyes, the kind of eyes that were always present in the best thriller movies. She can also paint perfect Bees, my favorite insect. Maybe one day she’ll paint a bumblebee?

If you want to see more of Terri’s work head on over to her site, you can also get some prints and even originals through the store area of her site.
Terri Woodward homepage

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    Terri Woodward
    Nov 14, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    Thanks so much for doing this piece on my work! I really appreciate it!

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