Weekly Art Search #5

I haven’t done one of these searches for a while, but I found enough cool work this weekend to put together another one. I was inspired by the the Weta Ray Guns that will be coming out in September.

So I went looking for other metal based sculptures. I love sci-fi looking stuff, add that the rusted metal and it makes for great collectibles.

The Raku Ray Guns look very cool, are one of a kind and much cheaper than the Weta ones.

Lockwasher Design not only makes ray guns, but also Robot, rocket and other sculptures. Most from found objects.

Aside from robots & ray guns, I found these amazing lamps by Frank Buchwald, I would love to have one these babies.

The work of Christopher Conte is also quite exciting. (Image above) He uses resin, bronze and various metals. I think his work would look great in a show with the work of Kris Kuksi.

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