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New work by Charles Wish

It’s been quite a while since I checked in to see what some of the previous featured artists on the site have been up to, but once in a while I am notified via one of the many social networks. For instance, Charles Wish was the featured artists back in 2008 added some new paintings to his Facebook profile. The painting have a date of 2009, but its the most series of paintings of he has been working on. The three paintings, “The Denial of Winter, Dasa Dhumavati & The Deposing of Alisha Owen”, “The Nuisance of Spring, Dasa Tara & The Marketing of Don Vliet”, and “The Disregard of Fall, Dasa Bhairavi & The Conformance of Geronimo” are each 33″ x 48″ oil on canvas panel, and are intense. There is much detail and imagery in these works, that they really need to be seen in person. Charles has a bit of information on each of the works that you can see at his Facebook profile below.

Charles Wish @ Facebook

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