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Artist Profiles: Jurgen Grewe

An artist out of Berlin, Jurgen was trained at the Visual Arts at Fachhochschule Hannover and has had work in exhibitions in Germany, Russia and the United States. He works primarily in oils, and while he does create some single figure images, most of his work is this image collage layout. Figures that might be recognizable from movies such as Carrie, The Wolfman and even Hellboy, as well as figures that look plucked right out documentary photos or someones personal collection. Each one of the paintings forces you to question what the story is, what is going on in these images and how do the figure relate. I like the contrast that some of the paintings have with areas being highly rendered, while other areas look loosely sketched as seen in the third image.

Head on over and see the rest of his work: Jurgen Grewe Homepage

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