“Monograph” art book by Brendan Monroe now available

Brendan Monroe has released art books before, but this new one by Park Life is his “first inclusive monograph of Monroe’s work including over 70 paintings, 15 sculptures, and installation shots.” The book is 7.25″ x 9.5″, 176 pages, soft Cover with a French fold dust jacket. The book is limited to 2000 and is only $32.

There will also be a fancier limited edition version of the book that will be released when Brendan has a signing even at Park Life in three weeks. This version of the book will be limited to 50, a signed and dated first edition copy of the book, in a custom-made, embossed cloth slip cover case. The book will also come with “a book-sized two-color intaglio etching. Signed/numbered. All hand done by Brendan, and a silk-screened 16-page accordion zine..signed/numbered. Done by Brendan.”

Brendan Monroe Monograph @ Park Life


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