Released: “Fables: Covers” book by James Jean

Every week when I go out to pick up the latest comics, I have a bad habit of often buying a few based on how amazing the cover is. Fables is one of those comics. I am told the stories are great, but it’s really the art by James Jean on the cover that draws me in.

If you head on over to his website, he now has a book filled with covers, sketches and progress shots. The book is hardbound, 208 pages, 2-sided 4 color dust jacket, black foil embossing and 1 Color tipped-in plate on the case. The book is also signed if you buy it from his online shop, or you can get it signed in person at the Gallery Nucleus on November 29th. The book looks amazing and will be a good replacement for all the loose Fables comics I have.

James Jean Shop

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