Tara McPherson “Lilitu” x Kidrobot Black

Kidrobot is getting ready to release a new addition to the “Black” series, which previously saw vinyl collectibles by Doze Green, Jeff Soto, SSUR, and Gary Baseman. This new collectible is by Tara McPherson and is based off of her “Lilitu” painting (shown below). This 8 inch vinyl will be limited to an edition of 200, and much like the rest of the series is going to sell out fast. As you can see by the images below, the limited color palette, along with the great design from the artist, really make this one dynamic collectible. As stated by Tara: “This painting is based on the Sumerian myth of the demon Lilitu. Representing chaos, seduction and ungodliness. She is a sexually charged yet infertile succubus who behaves aggressively toward men and children killing them at her every whim, her breasts are filled with poison not milk. In her every guise, Lilitu has cast an evil spell on humankind.” Thanks to Notcot for the heads up, check out their site for an animated gif showing all sides of the sculpture.

Keep your eyes on the site, a release date will be posted soon. Kidrobot Black






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