Aaron Nagel, Jeff Ramirez, and Jennifer Nehrbass @ Thinkspace Gallery

This past weekend was good for art as some amazing shows opened up. Instead of making a single post talking about all of the shows, I’ll do one post for each of the shows since I have been lax on posting lately. The first show to pop up was at Thinkspace Gallery, and featured a three person show in the main room with work from Aaron Nagel, Jeff Ramirez, and Jennifer Nehrbass. I have been waiting for this show for a while now, and previewed some of the new paintings that Aaron Nagel was working on a while back. The three artists fit very well with each other, and I am excited to see more artists creating work that is not only figurative in nature, but also a new wave of “realists”. In the project room Lindsay Carr opened her debut US solo show entitled “Homage to Canton”. I have been a fan of her work for a while now, and am happy to see her work taking more interest in galleries. It’s a very strong series, and not only shows how skilled she is, but also how consistent. Take a look at the preview images and then head over to the galleries site for both shows.

Thinkspace Gallery

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