“Bewitching” Stranger Factory Annual Halloween Show

Stranger Factory, the newest gallery from the Circus Posterus Collective, opened a group show last weekend, October 7th, entitled Bewitching. This is the first installment of an invitational annual group art show that takes inspiration from the vintage esthetic of Halloween. Growing up I was always mesmerized with the various decorations that would spring up during Halloween. In recent years the decorations are cheap, lazy looking, and lack any kind of uniqueness, so it’s great to see a show that harkens back to the hand-made, and often “outsider” feel the vintage designs had. The show features work by Andrew Bell, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Doktor A, Travis Lampe, Leecifer, Travis Louie, Jon MacNair, Irene Mendonis, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Rhode Montijo, Chris Ryniak, Scott Tolleson, and many more. The show runs until November 12th, and if you aren’t able to make the show in person all of the work is now online to view. Love those paintings by Emily Trovillion (shown last).

Stranger Factory

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