Brendan Danielsson – “Diarrhainbow” @ Copro Gallery

On August 11th the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica opened three solo shows for Rob Sato, Matt Rota, and the highlight of this article Brendan Danielsson. All three exhibitions are amazing, however the work of Danielsson stays with you well after you leave the page. Or of course for those lucky viewers that were able to see the show in person, I imagine that after you left the gallery these drawings and paintings were burned in your mind. Not only is Danielsson extremely talented with graphite and oils, he has a way of creating grotesque imagery that is a blast to look at. In a way it reminds me of some of the drawings that Da Vinci had created. Portraits and figures that were meant to be grotesque, and an exploration into medical curiosities. The work in “Diarrhainbow” seems to touch on the gross, awkward, and nasty vibe that everyone is sure to feel once in a while. A couple of the preview images here will be behind the jump link, for those browsing the site at work. After you look at these works head on over to the gallery for the rest.

Brendan Danielsson @ Corpo Gallery

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