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Brian Despain and John Brophy @ Roq La Rue

Over the weekend Roq La Rue opened “Requiarium” with new art from Brian Despain and “Saints and Angels” by John Brophy. This is one of those shows that makes me wish I either lived closer to the gallery, or was able to take a quick trip there. Both artists are exceptionally talented, Brian Despain’s robots are uniquely his own and John Brophy’s portraits and the Flemish style method to his paintings had me hooked from the start.
Ever since I first saw the “Madonna and Horsefly” print at the gallery I have been a big fan of John’s work. His art is a perfect blend of classical and surreal, these new paintings are just another example of why he is an artist to keep a close eye on. It’s hard to pick which one out of the amazing lineup of paintings is my favorite, but “Nessarose” (which happens to be the name of the woman who becomes the wicked witch of the east in Wicked) is the painting that mesmerizes me to the most.

Roq La Rue keep son churning out some of the best shows you can imagine, make sure you stop by the site to see this months offerings. Brian Despain & John Brophy @ Roq La Rue



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