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Christopher Ulrich “Illuminator: The Royal Wedding” @ La Luz de Jesus

Just this past Friday, August 6th at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery, an amazing show featuring new works by Christoper Ulrich opened up. Entitled “Illuminator: The Royal Wedding”, this solo exhibition, “Each piece in the series is designed to be its own portable temple marked and charged by the number 8”. The show features 16 paintings, 16 illustrated studies, 1 additional drawing, hidden notes, and 16 print editions. The prints are of the original 16 illustrated works and are each limited to a series of 12. Not only are the drawings expertly rendered showing Ulrich’s skills with graphite, but the oil paintings are even more impressive. Every inch of these works is filled with beautiful contrast, intense colors, and a perfect blend of inspiration from contemporary and classical works. I also liked the fact that each painting has its own custom made frame. Ornate frames chosen to fit with the paintings are great, but when the frame is designed specifically for the work or series of works, its just one more detail an artist can add to a show to really make a difference. It would be great to see these works in person, but for many the web will have to do. Make sure you check out the site, read the intro and digest every painting in this show.

Christopher Ulrich “Illuminator: The Royal Wedding” @ La Luz de Jesus

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