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“Crash & Burn” by Ben Tour @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Ben Tour’s latest solo show “Crash & Burn” opened at the Joshua Liner Gallery this past July 11th. I have always been a big fan of his work, and have to admit that his use of the materials has played a role in the development of my own little artworks. In an article over at Toonhound, the author states that ink in Ralph Steadman’s hands was a life giving fluid. While I agree with this, I also feel that Ben has the same ability with the variety of materials he uses. Whether it is spray paint, ink, markers or crayons, Ben seems to be using them less a means to simple place an image onto paper or wall. The materials are more like components, each one fills a specific role and all work together to permanently embed the emotion you see in these figures.

The work for the show is online, and available to pick up. Ben Tour @ Joshua Liner
Images of the show can be seen on Fecal Face

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