Crazy 4 Cult 5

The 5th installment of the Crazy 4 Cult group show opened this past weekend, Friday July 8th, at the Gallery 1988 in Melrose. The show features work from a huge list of artists all inspired by cult movies. Not only were there original works of art on display, but some prints as well. In the past the Crazy 4 Cult series has put out some amazing art, and had quite a lot of art dedicated to just one movie, such as Big Lebowski and Willy Wonka. It’s nice to see each artists work that was created from the inspiration these movies foster, but at the same time there are so many good movies that have been left out of each one of these group shows. I was however happy to see some more horror movies featured such as the pieces by Jason D’Aquino, Chris Sanchez with the ‘Necronomicon’ pages, Justin White with his trio Kurt Russell works, and Scott Campbell with some more “Great Showdowns”. There is no doubt some great work in this show, N.C. Winters “Scott Pilgrim” inspired work being my favorite so far, but I think the show has lost a bit of its punch. There are so many shows now that are being dedicated to one movie, director or actor. I know that many artists today draw their main sources of inspiration from pop culture, movies being the main one, I just think I am in the mood for some more shows with a bit deeper, thoughtful meaning behind them. Let the pop culture references be a pleasant surprise in these shows, and not just the main attraction. After seeing that Jonathan Darby show at White Walls (reviewed), it really reminded me that art can be powerful, educational, and even life changing. Anyway, take a look at the preview images here and then over to the gallery to see the rest of the works.

Gallery 1988

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