Dave MacDowell & Augie Pagan @ Flatcolor Gallery

On November 3rd, Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle opened a duo show entitled MacDowell & Pagan’s Lowbrow Candy Store with new works by Dave MacDowell and Augie Pagan. This show is exactly as it’s titled, a caricature laden, pop-culture jabbing, color-filled lowbrow art fest by two brilliant artists. Dave brings more of his mash-up style paintings, with a new “Lebowski” themed piece, as well as another amazing Jack Nicholson portrait. Augie Pagan’s work focuses on individual characters, or a few at most. His colors aren’t as candy-themed as Dave’s work is, but it fits the content perfectly, and his style of caricature is very impressive. Just look at the Machete portrait seen below. The show will be on view until November 27th.

Flatcolor Gallery

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