Guild of the Black Eagle 5 at Fuse Gallery

David Hochbaum enjoys creative collaboration – I believe it’s all related to his love of alchemy and what happens when you mix mysterious, random chemicals together. Will they explode, fizz a little or turn different colors? Sometimes the mixing of artists’ voices brings out surprising, unforgettable results.

The Guild of the Black Eagles is one of these group collaborations of sorts that David has been a part of: “The purpose for [the Guild’s] inception was to celebrate and exhibit the growing community of artists circulating around [David’s] life.” It began in 2006 as a salon held in his large loft studio space in Manhattan. After 3 more iterations in the same location, an all men’s version of the Guild went to the art fairs in Cologne, Germany in 2010. For this fifth event, the exhibition consists of artwork all by women.

Participating artists: Kristen Ferrell, Danielle de Piccotto, Annie Kyle, Samantha Levin, Philly-KONDOR8, Evelyn Tiernan, Gabriela Vainsencher, Alison Silva, Sara Gage, Zoë Williams, Allison Berkoy and Elka Amorim

Fuse Gallery is located at 93 2nd Avenue (between 5th & 6th Streets).
Guild of the Black Eagle 5 is opening Wednesday night, June 6 at 7pm and will be on view through July 5, 2012.

Zoe Williams | Proboscis

Sara Gage | Zola 1

Elka Amorim | Lobotomy

Danielle de Picciotto | Claustrophobia

Annie Kyle | Untitled I (Elementum Series)

Samantha Levin | Never Empty, Never Bare

Alison Berkoy | Multiply

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