Hi Fructose 5th Anniversary Exhibition @ Copro Gallery

This past March 13th, the Copro Galley opened the 5th Anniversary Exhibition for Hi Fructose. Along with this amazing group show, Eric Fortune and Michael Page also had solo shows up as well. The group show featured some inspiring work by KMNDZ, Scott Hove, Martin Wittfooth, Lori Earley, Eric Fortune, Craola, Chet Zar, Amy Sol, Kris Kuksi, Jonathan Viner, Chris Mars and many more. The Eric Fortune works are not up on the site as of yet, but the Michael Page solo show is. His latest works have been more abstract, and less figurative than earlier pieces. These paintings still hold the same narrative feel that his older works had, and are even more mysterious than ever. The colors are breathtaking, and I like the idea that he decided to change his work up a bit. Take a look at the preview images from the shows, and then head on over and see all of the works.

Copro Gallery

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