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Jeff Soto & Dave Cooper @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Just this past weekend, June 26th, Jeff Soto’s latest solo show “Lifecycle” and Dave Cooper’s show “Mangle” opened up at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York. Jeff’s work is now a little bit more detailed and intense this round. His last solo show was “The Inland Empire” at Stolenspace, and while that was a great show the work in “Lifecycle” seems a little bit more jarring, and more richly conveys the fear and environmental issues his work often holds. Much of the icons were are used to seeing in Soto’s paintings are here, but some new ones have entered and others have been re-imagined.

Next door in Gallery II is Dave Cooper’s “Mangle”, featuring “new drawings and paintings of twisted ladies”. The color palette is a darker than his latest works have been, and the feel of Dave’s work is a nice compliment to Soto’s. I would like to see the two shows in person, but I can imagine that the feel the patrons had was pretty intense.

Check out the preview images, and then the full show. Jonathan Levine Gallery

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