Jeff Soto Solo show Sept. 8th.

Jeff Soto has a solo show called “Storm Clouds” at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. The show opens September 8th and ends October 6th.

I love Jeff Soto’s style, his style is very unique and the colors he uses really pop out at you.
I really like that he adds a bit of nature imagery with each piece, you don’t see much of that right now. I think the thing that I dig the most is how his style is consistent, but in no way repetitive. I still enjoy looking at new works, it’s like he has themes to his work and that make the new pieces more interesting. He is one of the few artists that I would really love to own an original work from, but for now prints will have to do.

Here is Jeff’s site and the gallery:
Jeff Soto homepage
Jonathan Levine gallery

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