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Kris Kuksi’s Triumph Opens at Joshua Liner

I recently had the pleasure of attending the opening reception for Kris Kuksi‘s latest show, Triumph, at Joshua Liner Gallery. Every time I see his work, it has evolved in some way, which is refreshing to see. Kris’s work has a schtick to it, however each individual piece has its own strength and power overwhelming any threat of triteness. His works are engrossing and can keep your attention for hours tickling your eyes with their beautiful forms and distracting you with their meta-narratives.

When you see Kris’s works in person, it’s important to look into each corner and crevice. Crouch down to look at the undersides of each assemblage so you can take in his works fully – his works could likely be flipped upside down to reveal entirely new worlds. Full of ideas, plays between good and evil, with a touch of humor here and there, it’s hard to stop exploring each work to move on to the next. Regardless of the large crowd, I was able to take some detail shots of his work, shared below.

Kris is also an avid painter. His sculptures have upstaged his oil paintings for the past few years. It was thus nice to see that for Triumph Kris had painted a portrait of artist Ewelina Koszykowska, a large acrylic and mixed media on wood with a raised pattern. This mysterious painting sets the sculptures off quite well, adding color to his stark white palette. Also new is a bronze version of his Churchtank sculpture, its detailed texture and weight add to this already stunning work.

Triumph will be on view until April 7th.

The crowd takes in "Triumph"

Detail view of "Triumph"

Detail view of "Capricorn Rising"

Detail view of "Capricorn Rising"

Detail view of "Capricorn Rising"

Detail of the bronze version of Kuksi's Churchtank sculpture

Kris poses in front of his large Churchtank at the end of the opening reception.

Ewelina Koszykowski poses in front of her portrait

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    Apr 8, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Yeah this was a great exhibit!

    Next time you’re in NYC hit me up, I work right in Chelsea would love to buy you a drink in gratitude for Creep Machine kicking butt all these years.
    Contour Magazine

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