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“Lush Life 2” @ Roq La Rue Gallery

Last week, the “Lush Life 2” group invitational opened at Roq La Rue in Seattle. The shows features new works by Joe Sorren, Chris Berens, Marion Peck, Kris Kuksi, Travis Louie, Brian Despain, John Brophy, Martin Wittfooth, Ryan Heshka, Michael Brown, Charlie Immer, Mandy Greer, Gail Potocki, Laurie Hogin, Boomer, Madeline Von Foerster, Ryan Heshka and more. How is that for a line-up? With so much amazing work in one gallery it makes me wish Seattle was just a little closer. The show isn’t fully online yet for those of us that weren’t able to make the reception, but there is a web preview you can check out. So far from the preview, all of the works are very strong, but I am particularly taken with Travis Louie’s “The Ghost Of Laura From The Reeds”. His paintings are insane in person, the level of detail is very impressive to say the least. I also like that he adds stories to each of his characters. I often did this with my mothers Cabinet photo and tintype collection, but my stories were not as entertaining as the ones Travis comes up with.

I really liked that a good majority of the artists in this show, are either inspired by classical themes, or paint in the style of classical masters. This is seen with the work of Madeline Von Foerster, Andrew Arconti and the “Lady Clown” from Marion Peck. That painting is so perfect, the color palette, the inspiration from Francisco Goya’s “La maja desnuda“, and the expression that clown face has. I really hope this is turned into a print soon.

Check out the preview here: Lush Life 2 @ Roq La Rue

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