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Mike Shine “Flotsam’s Wonder World” @ 941 Geary

This past weekend, Mike Shine’s highly anticipated solo show “Flotsam’s Wonder World” opened at the new 941 Geary gallery in San Francisco. The reception opened at 7pm, and for whatever reason I decided to take my time getting there and successfully missed the live music and performance that was put on. By the time missus creep and myself made it to the gallery, around 8:30pm, the gallery was already packed. I should have known better and made sure we got there quicker.

The gallery space is very large, so I was curious as to how the artist would use the space. I did hear a bit of how there would be some big installation pieces in the show, but I had no idea it would be like this. What Shine did was actually create another world that opened up once you walked in the gallery. A carnival full of color, nostalgia, and mythology was there before your eyes. It was a lot to take in, with the amount of people there along with the staggering amount of artwork to be seen.

Walking around the exhibition and seeing the variety of work; paintings on driftwood, buoys, carnival bottles, a truck, and even mobile works such as the very large wheel seen in the middle of the wall, it was easy to forget that you were essentially in the Tenderloin area. There was some games to play such as Karny-Ball and Beelzy-Ball, a tent filled with more works, and even a what looked like a small caboose filled with smaller drawings, painted milk bottles, and more.

941 Geary has brought another amazing show to the fans, one that will no doubt be talked about for a while to come. “Flotsam’s Wonder World” is an intense show, filled with enough work it really deserves to be seen a few times. Do not miss this show. To fully take in the experience Shine has created, make your way to galley before it closes. I can;t wait to see what the gallery brings in the next year.
Check out the rest of the images over at the Creep Machine Flickr, and the 941 Geary Homepage.

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