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Moki @ Jack Fischer Gallery

I took a break for the weekend the visit some family as well as prepare for the next semester of school that is quickly approaching. While I managed to miss a couple of show openings, I was able to swing by and check out the art on my way home. The first show that I saw was the solo exhibition of German artist Moki at the Jack Fischer Gallery.

This was the first time that I have been to this gallery, it looked nice inside the building it was in but the whole setup was not as laid back as many of the galleries I visit. I was looking forward to seeing this artists work in person, as the pictures I have seen on the net look amazing, but I wanted to see in person how good these paintings really were. I have read a few criticisms that state that Moki needs to mature a bit more in her work, and possibly become more cohesive, I couldn’t disagree more. This body of work was not only extremely impressive, but was also better than many of the shows I have seen this past year.

Moki has a very distinctive style, one that is recognizable but is not going to jump out at you like some artists do. You actually have to look at, absorb and become familiar with the way the paint is applied and the world that Moki has created. All of the painting were made with acrylic paint on canvas. The work ranged in size, but was pretty much in the mid-range of size. There was nothing super big, and nothing as small as what Naoto Hattori does either. I was really impressed with how well she can paint, especially skin tones and hair. You could see each strand of hair and knew just by looking at certain areas of the paintings, that Moki has great patience and really knows how to use those acrylics. I highly recommend seeing the show in person if you can, and keep your eye on this artist. I know I will.

See the show in entirety @ Jack Fischer Gallery
Check out an interview with Moki @ Erratic Phenomena

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