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Morgan Slade “Company Killers” @ Shooting Gallery

This past Saturday, January 8th, the Shooting Gallery opened the latest solo show of Morgan Slade. Entitled “Company Killers”, this new body of work brings more of Slade’s mixed media depictions of women adorned with a variety of masks. Football and storm-trooper helmets, as well as mascot and Halloween style masks. The face of the model is rarely seen, so the identity of these women is not the focus. Could this be any woman? Or is the idea here that the model is not the focus, regardless of how much the she draws the viewers eye in? The one thing that I did enjoy about these works is the textures, and the marks that some of the works held. I would almost rather see a few paintings made by Slade with the model completely removed. The show is on view until February 5th, so make sure to stop by and check out the show. In the meantime, hit the more link to see more images from this show.

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