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Photos: Family First and Van Arno

This past weekend I headed over to San Francisco to check out the latest solo show of Van Arno at Shooting Gallery, as well as the “Family First” group show right next door at White Walls. I rented car this time as to avoid the two hour bus ride for once, and be able to move around the city easier. It wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be there, it must just be where I live that gets unbearably cold.

The Van Arno show was excellent, securing me as a fan from here on out. The Family First show which featured works by Shepard Fairey, Ian Francis, Mike Giant, Sylvia Ji, Adam Flores and more, was also a blast. It was great to finally see paintings by Ian Francis and Shawn Barber in person, both of which are even more amazing in person. I took so many pictures of the works just to be able to look back at all the small details in painting held.

You can see all the pics here: Creep on Flickr
Read the writeup I did for both shows:
The photos I have taken of this show have also ended up on and Thanks!


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