Photos: This is the End @ The Alternative Cafe

The reception is now over and I have finally finished editing and pruning all the pics that were taken at the show. The gallery had this amazing banner of the show flyer with all the names of the artists on it posted on the front of the building. The Alternative Cafe is a nice sized gallery with great lighting, and all of the works of the show fit in with no worries. Seeing all the art in person was great, pics on the net are ok but there are so many subtleties that are lost. I found myself wanting to buy pretty much everything there.

The reception was quite fun, music, free drinks and a non-stop supply of people to talk to. Maya and Scott from the gallery are very nice, you can tell they love what they do. A good amount of the artists were also able to make it to the show such as Paul Chatem, Michael Ryan, Gene Guynn, Eliza Guager and R.M. Hanson. It was good to be able to not only talk about their work, but just art and random topics in general.

I had a blast at the show, and hope they everyone else that come out did as well. A few pieces are already sold, and I have a feeling that more will go soon. There really is some amazing work in this show. Check out the art and prices over at the Alternative Cafe Store
And see the rest of the pics on FLickr after this small preview: This is the End on Flickr



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