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Review: “American Gris-Gris” – Peter Adamyan @ Lopo Gallery

While I was out Saturday night to check out the Paul Chatem show, I stopped around the corner to see the latest work at the Space Gallery/Lopo Gallery. The gallery is now under new ownership and there is even more area to hang art upstairs. I mainly stopped by to see what work was being shown just to pass the time, but I am glad I stopped by since Peter Adamyan had a solo show open that night entitled “American Gris-Gris”, from what I read Gris-Gris is a voodo amulet that either brings good luck or acts as a birth control. Peter had his work shown alongside Helen Bayly but there was visibly far more work by Peter and I noticed that his work garnered more attention. I took photos of the show, and also talked to Peter a bit, not enough though so we have an interview planned for the next week.

There was a large amount of work to be seen, and a good variety of sizes as well. Not only did Peter have the standard “Center-piece” work, that you see him standing next to, but there was also some smaller framed paper works, and smaller wood ones.

As I always when I go to a show I not only look at the art but the reaction from the viewers. You can get a good idea of what people think about art just by watching their body language and expressions. Of course some people are very vocal about how they feel, but most of the time you have to watch them. Peter’s work brought smiles, laughs, and even offended a few people. I think every once in a while art should poke people the wrong way. Get us to think about things in a different light, since it is those uncomfortable times that we really take the time to think about why we felt that way. Or at least I hope people do that.

The main paintings Peter created were all cut out of wood, and are even layered on top of each other. As you can see by one of the images below, each piece is stacked so you get this 3d effect. I love it when artists push their work even further and in the process create a signature style of that can always be associated with them. Looking at each painting you wonder how Peter made the connections, like why was the Incredible Hulk placed with a “Gap” logo.

While many artists are making cuter and more digestible art, or as Robert Williams stated “The innocents came along and they tamed it down”. Peter Adamyan and others are still working hard to stir things up. The show will be up until May 7th, so stop by and then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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