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Review: “Dementions” @ Eclectix Gallery

On Friday Eclectix Gallery opened it’s Fourth Halloween themed group show, “Dementions”. There were 50 artists participating in the show, Dan Harding, Scott Hove, Sean Chappell, Brooke Kent, Jackie Gallagher, Buddy Nestor, Dean McDowell, Isabel Samaras and many more. This was the first time that I had been to the new location of Eclectix. The space is much bigger with the shop downstairs and the gallery space upstairs. The weather that night wasn’t that bad, but upstairs in the gallery the temperature was that of a hot summer day. So it was a good idea for me to take a break outside, get some fresh air and wait for the crowd to cool down anyway.


Jackie Gallagher had come to California from Hawaii to visit some friends, and since she had three paintings in the show I was able to meet her at the gallery. It’s always great to be able to interact with people in person, while the internet is entertaining and has no doubt added to the opportunities that many artists have gotten, nothing beats conversing with people the old way. She was a blast to talk to, and her paintings seen before you eyes are always impressive. I had seen the Dan Harding painting before the show and was excited to see it, this one is on masonite while most of his work tends to be on canvas. The detail on this painting is insane. I especially love the fire, there is so much movement and energy in that are of the painting. I know I am biased, but this painting is really one of the standout pieces even with its smaller size (9″ x 12″), especially for a show centered around Halloween. One question, why is this still available??


I was also happy to see a couple of cake pieces and the very large Animasola painting from Scott Hove. The cakes look so real, like if you mashed your finger into it the frosting would easily give way. I didn’t watch them all night but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did try to touch them. Along with the variety of paintings and drawings, there were a few digital pieces, sculptures and interactive pieces by Nemo Gould. It was a great show and one worth seeing if you are in the area. Otherwise take a look at the full show at the galleries website:
Eclectix Gallery

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