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Review: “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” @ La Luz de Jesus

The 14th installment of the “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” group show opened at La Luz de Jesus this past March 4th. Apricot Mantle was able to do a review of the show and take some photos for us. Hit the jump link for Apricot’s full review and images.

The 14th annual show that has boosted so many art careers and gives many collectors and art lovers the chance to buy high quality art at affordable modest prices. Welcome to EVERYTHING BUT THE KITSCHEN SYNC! This is a juried art show that I have been lucky enough to have showed work in for the past 3 years and I gotta say it is the most exciting impressive art show I attend every year. Many people anticipate this show to see some of lowbrow’s finest up and comers as well as some stand by favorites.

I was blown away this year by the quality and skill of the work. It is a giant un-themed show so it is like a giant grab bag of art! You never know what to expect or from who, but it never fails to exceed any expectations. This year was different than the past 2 years I attended because since last time the La Luz de Jesus gallery has seen some renovations and gained some wall space and better lighting. It seemed like there was even more room to showcase some larger work. It was still packed in, but Billy Shire always does an amazing job figuring out the perfect placement of each piece, and with hundreds of pieces of artwork that must be a daunting task. I was talking with one of the La Luz employees and he said that Billy actually measures and figures out the spacing himself. I totally appreciate him for that!

There were truly sights to be seen at Volume 14 with artists like Patrick “Star27” Deignan, Edward Robin Coronel, Scott Saw, James Zar, Van Saro, Munk One, Max Grundy, Cate Rangel, Jessica Ward, Ron Adkins, JAW Cooper, Kim Scott, Joka, Jon MacNair and so many more. These were some of my favorites. Some of the work I’d like to highlight are: Joka’s crazy toothpick paintin’ “Drippin’ for Tippin’s”. An 18×18 acrylic on canvas painting done all by toothpicks in a very realistic manner depicting strippers at a fancy dinner party. You must see the toothpick stippling in person to truly appreciate the work that Joka puts in.

Ana Bagayan and Friend

Monika Malewska an artist that I have not seen before, but am a new fan of due to the amazing way she paints bacon! I am a avid bacon lover and man she made it look good contrasted with hummin’birds. And Gee, Billy put her work right next to mine…did he know?! Robert Marburry brought low brow to a whole new level of odd country cross stitchin’ madness with his clever idea of taking writings from public bathroom stalls and cross stitchin it all pretty like so grandma would approve. Famous bathroom tag lines such as “Because… Fuck You” (SOLD) and “Poop on Satan” were carefully cross stitched and shadowboxed framed. Gotta love it. Click Mort’s rearranged pop-surreal hummels were also along the same lines of cool strangeness. José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros painted some great low brow re-envisionments of the Walt Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. The were pretty morbidly hilarious and controversial.

All in all it was a great year yet again and it was fun to hang out with all the artists and other gallery curators from around LA. Every one has to go see Everything but the Kitschen Sync 14! Trust me, it is not to be missed or you’ll have to wait a whole nother year for this kind of epic showiness! The show runs now through March 27th.

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