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Review: Get the Lead Out II @ Swoon Gallery

This past August 28th, the Swoon Gallery opened the Get the Lead out II group show. Apricot Mantle was able to head to the show for us, snap some photos and give the Creep Machine another review.

A whirlwind of creativity exploding with graphite onto paper. Get the Lead Out II was a one night only pop-up show at Ronin Gallery featuring artist sketches, pen & ink drawings, watercolors and finished paintings presented by Swoon Gallery. This show was fast, furious, fun and full of precious small to medium artworks to be enjoyed only for one night. It was one of those magical rare shows that gave the viewers a chance to see some rare drawings and sketches coming from some of their favorite painters while also showcasing some artists who use graphite as their primary medium.

There was an amazing variety of artwork ranging from very delicate, refined drawings to quick sketches that were probably preliminary sketches for soon to be paintings. The gallery curator did a great job of finding an array of artists with very different subject matter and styles. Chuck Hodi did some great little dark creature sketches. Jessica Ward featured some of her ever so beautiful yet hairifying female figurative drawings. Matt Dangler had some scary little monster dude drawings in nice custom frames.

Then on the other side of the subject matter spectrum we had Daisy Church, Ana Bagayan and Tiffany Liu with some of their really cool drawings of cute doll-like characters with some even cuter critter friends. Much of the artwork had to do with figures in nature, which was very interesting to see. Leontine Greenbug and Christopher Umana each did some fantastic tree creature pieces. I think this showed a link that all artists share to the natural world we live in. Some of the most interesting pieces were Jessamyn Patterson’s figurative drawings with abstract graffiti/ivy-like blobs taking them over. Those were great fun and had a lot of detail to look at.

Many of the artists in the show were also in attendance which was great to see. Christopher Umana and his wife were there. He was doing some sketches for some patrons. Ana Bagayan, Tiffany Liu, Jessica Ward and Daisy Church were also there. I almost forgot to mention the best part of this show. The prices! They were all priced extremely reasonably. Much of the artwork was under 300 dollars. There were probably 50 pieces in the show or more for 100 dollars! In fact, now that I think of it I think a lot of the artwork was underpriced, but I guess for a one-night only show it was priced to move. Bottom line is I hope to see Swoon Gallery do some more of these fun one night stand art shows!

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    Cindie Patterson
    Sep 7, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    Terrific show and reviews. Great up and coming artists .. have to say I am partial to Jessamyn Patterson .. amazing.

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